We Are Your Solutions for the GTR in Colombia

At Carilux Duty Free, we ensure your brand’s successful entry and growth in Colombia’s duty-free and travel retail market, as well as penetration in neighboring countries. We strive to understand your brand and its potential, identifying unique selling points and tailoring strategies that align with your goals and expectations. By leveraging our strong local networks, we introduce your products through our own duty-free retail stores, cruise clients, airlines, independent duty-free shops in neighboring countries, and our diplomatic catalog.

Our portfolio includes over 10,000 items, featuring top perfume brands and tobacco products, maximizing visibility and sales. Our advanced logistics ensure prompt, reliable delivery, keeping you informed throughout the process and tracking your brand’s growth.

We gather feedback to refine and optimize your brand positioning, fostering loyalty and retention. Partner with Carilux Duty Free to propel your brand in the duty-free and bonded market. Experience premium service and achieve your growth objectives.

Our journey begins with understanding your brand and its unique selling points. Our team of experts will work closely with you to comprehend your brand’s strengths and identity, tailoring a market strategy that aligns with your objectives and audience.

Next, we leverage our extensive network of cruise lines and duty-free shops, especially on San Andres Island, to introduce your products to a broad and diverse consumer base. Our portfolio spans over 10,000 food service items and a wide array of perfume brands, enabling us to position your brand in a context that maximizes visibility and sales potential.

Additionally, our robust logistics and distribution system ensure prompt and reliable delivery, creating trust and satisfaction amongst our partners. We value transparency, and keep you updated throughout the process, so you can track your brand’s journey and growth in the market.

Finally, our superior after-sales service fosters loyalty and retention. We continuously gather feedback from our partners and consumers, providing you with valuable insights to refine and optimize your brand positioning over time.

At Carilux Duty Free, we offer more than just a route to market; we offer a partnership that propels your brand into the duty-free and bonded market, delivering a premium experience to your consumers while achieving your growth objectives. Join us in our journey to bring premium duty-free and bonded brands and products to the Colombian and Caribbean market.


CARIFLUX World assures end-to-end security of distribution through our adoption of a Hub-and-Spoke distribution model, which allows effective distribution reach, with good proximity to our final destination outlets.

We do this through providing best-in-class service, offering an extensive range of products across all major duty-free and travel retail categories, delivering value and value-added services to our customers, engaging with our customers by all means, and designing unique and attractive shopping environments and fully supported brand promotion. 

Cruise Lines

CARIFLUX supplies various leading International cruise ship lines, catering to the rapidly growing cruise passenger market, especially in Colombia and the Caribbean.

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CARIFLUX supplies international products ranging from liquor, perfumes and cosmetics, confectionery, and tobacco for border shops across Colombia, with strong expertise in Colombia and the Caribbean.

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